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Help the Leaving Cert Student in Your Life to Choose Their Path

Would you like expert help as you support and guide your leaving cert student through the process of taking the next steps in their career journey?  

On this tutor-led course, you'll learn:

  • How the CAO works and how to make sure you give yourself the best chance of getting the course you really want 
  • How PLC / Further Education Colleges can offer a viable and more affordable route to your desired qualification
  • How to get paid to master high demand skills with traineeships and apprenticeships
  • How to increase employment opportunities while gaining a global qualification (by studying in Europe or the UK)
  • How to get the most from the various grants and scholarships that are available and plan the financial side of things.
Orla Maguire

Orla Maguire is a Guidance Counsellor based in Longford and is passionate about helping leaving cert students (and their parents) to navigate all the career progression options available to them so they can make better decisions. 

Join Orla on this fully online course to rapidly get to grips with the full range of options and supports available, so you can take the stress out of this exciting time and help your loved one take that next step towards a career they love.


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Anyone studying for the leaving cert has their hands full, and it's not fair that they are asked to make difficult choices, without knowing what all their options are.

To make matters worse, career guidance is often overlooked and underfunded in our cash-strapped second level schools and colleges. Students and parents simply are not getting the support they need to make informed decisions. And so it's easy to feel a bit lost.

Believe it or not, the problem isn't "too many options". The problem is that parents and students don't know what their options are. Because there are loads of excellent options, and getting to know them doesn't need to be difficult.

For example, let's say your son has his heart set on studying multimedia in Dublin. But the course in DCU is 450 points. So now he's under pressure all year. What if he realised he could study multimedia at a college of further education for one year, and then go straight into second year at DCU?

The system isn't as complicated or unfair as many people think. 

The last year of secondary school should be fun. It should not be wasted worrying about the future. Because there are lots of ways to get to where you want to go. 

 On this short course, I will quickly take you through your options. There's loads of examples detailing multiple ways to get the qualification you want. And we'll also cover grants, scholarships and other ways of navigating this exciting time, financially.

I've taken the time to make the lessons as concise as they can be. There's approx 4.5 hours of lessons, broken up in short videos you can access quickly on any device. There's also support should you need it, so you can ask questions.


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