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Designed for secondary students and their parents or guardians, this workshop will help you to make better course / career decisions that align with your values and passion.

On this workshop, you'll discover how to:

  • Find your passion: Discover a simple exercise that will help you get clarity on how you want to spend your life
  • Identify your strengths: We'll explore ways you can align your intention with your strengths, so you can achieve anything.  
  • Stay Motivated: Complete the assessment to hack your motivation based on your unique personality
  • Overcome Obstacles: How can we avoid or minimise failure and suffering on our journey? There's an easy way.
  • Take Action: How do you get started, what can you do now to align your actions with your goals? 
Orla Maguire

Orla Maguire is a Guidance Counsellor based in Longford and is passionate about helping the parents of leaving certificate students to understand and navigate all the career progression options available to them so they can make better decisions. 

Join Orla on this short interactive workshop and learn how to make better course / career decisions that align with your strengths and values.


Take action today

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We are all unique and special in one way or another.

You have special talents that others don’t have. We
need to find out what they are and capitalize on it.

"Find your passion and happiness will follow"

There are people out there right now not exercising
their gifts, working in jobs they hate.

You need to find what your passion is. If it feels more
like a hobby then you’re on the right track.

It’s not supposed to be dull or scary.

It's supposed to be exciting.


Guidance Counsellor 

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